The opening of the new Adelaide Laboratory for Experimental Economics took  take place on April 19 at 5.15pm, Room 7.03, 7th Floor, Nexus 10 (10 Pulteney Street). A special lecture by Ralph Bayer explored  reasons why a woman stole over $160,000 from a man she promised to share it with.

Opening of the new Adelaide Laboratory for Experimental Economics

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The Opening of the New Adelaide Laboratory for Experimental Economics

With Dr Ralph Bayer, Adelaide University, School of Economics

This lecture explored mechanisms by which human beings are able to co-operate but why they often fail.  The focus will be on the smallest possible groups – partnerships, and will consider the impact of reputation, break-ups, partner choice, norms and strategic behaviour on the level of co-operation and its development over time.   It will explain the methodology lying behind experimental economics and will discuss its relevance to issues such as global warming, water allocations, the provision of public goods, joint business ventures and joint liability for debt.  The analysis will be based on data already gathered from experiments conducted in the existing Experimental Laboratory.

Dr Ralph Bayer joined the School of Economics 2002 after completing his PhD at the London School of Economics. He established and now directs,  AdLab – the Adelaide Laboratory for Experimental Economics, which is one of the first experimental laboratories for Economics in Australia. Dr Bayer’s research has been published in leading Economics Journals and he has presented his work at numerous conferences and invited seminars around the world.

Dr Bayer’s research focuses on behavioural economics, experimental economics and game theory.  He is particularly interested in explaining why humans’ behaviour regularly deviates from what standard game theory predicts. His experimental studies focus on limited cognitive abilities, social preferences and reciprocity. In more traditional work Dr Bayer has worked extensively on topics related to tax evasion of individuals and firms and on questions related to market structure and conduct.

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